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Frequently Asked Auto Insurance Questions

If a friend drives my car, is
he or she covered by my
policy?  Since most insurance
coverage is connected directly
to the car, if someone else
borrows your car occasionally,
he or she should be covered
under your policy. Yet, your
premium is based on both your
vehicle and the “primary” driver
of that car – you. If someone
else starts driving your car
more than you do, contact us
to have them added to your
policy to avoid coverage


My golf clubs were stolen
from my vehicle. Am I
Your Homeowners Insurance
Policy provides coverage for
personal property, regardless
of where you are. However, if
your golf clubs are old,
consider buying a replacement
cost endorsement for your
personal property. This way
you will get what it costs to
replace the golf clubs, less the
applicable deductible.

I caused an accident and am
being sued by the other
driver. Am I covered?
Yes. The liability portion of your
insurance policy guarantees
your insurance company will
defend a claim or lawsuit on
your behalf, up to your policy’s
Limits of Liability.

Does rental reimbursement
provide coverage if I take my
car to a shop for mechanical
No. Rental reimbursement is
for cars that are being repaired
as a result of accidents or other
insured damages (storm
damage, etc.).

How can I be sure I have the
right coverage?
Contact us! Having the right
vehicle coverage, policy limits
and deductibles in place is an
important part of financial
planning. Call us today to learn
more about how we can help
you get the comprehensive
automobile coverage you need
to minimize any unwanted