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Who’s going to pay your bills???

Ever thought about who else might pay your bills for you?

Everything is trucking along, the bank is happy, your fuel bill is paid, mortgage is up to date and something happens…

It could be a number of things.  A heart attack, stroke or really any kind of illness.  It could also be an accident, anything from an auto accident to falling off your roof while cleaning the gutters.

Have you ever added up your monthly expenses and figured how long you could last on savings before lenders start the foreclosure process?  And if you don’t have enough to cover things while you’re getting back to normal do you have friends or family that would help financially? And if so, do you really want to ask?

There’s another option that’s much more affordable than you may think to make sure your family is taken care of in the even you become disabled and can no longer provide, disability income coverage.  Workers Compensation protects those that become disabled while on the job. However, the truth is, 90% of disabilities are due to illnesses, not accidents.  Disability Income insurance provides a monthly benefit to replace earned income while you are totally disabled from sickness or an accident.

You could protect your family and keep your truck on the road for as little as $35/week.  We have A++ rated carriers with policies tailored to your needs.  For $35/week a 35 year old male could receive $3,000/mo in disability income PLUS AN ADDITIONAL $3,000 per mo for business expense!  That means you would collect $3,000/mo while you’re home for up to 2 years following a 30 day waiting period and the company would pay up to $3,000 each month for things such as truck & trailer payments and the added expense to hire a driver to keep your operation going.

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